Thursday, September 30, 2010

life drawing today taught me something very important.

...i really need to get better in life drawing. you know you need to kick it into gear when your instructor says, "oohh, yeah, you need to have the reference sheets next to you."

hello, epic fail.

oh well. as someone very wise has recently said to me, "you need to stop telling yourself you want to improve and simply tell yourself that you ARE improving. art is something that takes time and trial and error and frustration to get better at. a negative attitude towards yourself won't help." with that in mind, i'll take my experience in life drawing today and try to mold it into something to simply learn from.

nowhere to go from here but up, right?

hopefully, in four years time, i'll be able to come back to the beginning of this blog and say to myself, "woah. i've improved in exponential amounts. that's awesome."

anyways. since i still haven't got all too much to share, here are the room drawings from my portfolio since, well, i have them all nicely scanned and conveniently ready on my laptop.


"I spent seventeen years in the woods I did hide, from '08 to two thousand twenty-five."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

maybe i lied.

here's some more character stuff.

i made this guy for character design for my first character rotation. the copy and paste job in photoshop is a bit botched since, well, i'm not at all too familiar photoshop just yet. hopefully, that will change soon.

redardless, here's ed.

"I bake cupcakes for the army."  


i've been watching people's blogs for quite a while now. i never really felt the need to make one myself since, well, i never really had anything to put into it before.

seeing how i'm now in animation, i decided to use that as my motivation to start blogging - and, hopefully, upkeep with it.

i don't have anything thrilling or exciting to share just yet, but i figured i could put up my character from my portfolio since, well, he was a rad little guy. enjoy.


"Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns."