Friday, October 8, 2010

oh. i totally forgot i could upload my videos here too.

these are my first animations - the bouncing ball, bowling ball, balloon and pendulum. the bowling ball is a little faulty. i'm not too happy with it, but at least i can go back and play around with it sometime when i have free time - meaning, never. because i will never have free time again. in fact, i'm updating this blog right now while saving children from a burning school. THAT is how little time i have.





woah. the cat signal's up in the sky. gotta go do...something else!


"There's this boy I like - met him at the food court. He has hair like Gretzky and he does jumps on his skateboard."

today i got a new haircut.

so i figured it be a good day to update with a new post.

here's a bunch of random things from my sketchbook.

these two are rough ideas for a story i've been thinking about for a while.

same thing. just so we're all aware, i've got many stories stored up in my head.

this guy didn't scan all too well. but he was a character i designed for layout. you read that right - a character for layout. if you think that doesn't make too much sense, you're not the only one.

nothing too profound. i'd love to update with something brilliantly amazing - like something digitally painted or some other junk. but, sadly, i'm not at that skill level just yet. and, on top of that, i know nothing about photoshop. 

but, one day, i will.


"Party with children."