Saturday, January 8, 2011

man. i can't believe school is a day away. i'm kind of, totally, really excited.

i haven't drawn or done as much art as i wanted to over this past break - but i did do a bit. i'm starting to not like the old things i drew. i suppose that's a sign of growth, right?

i like pirates.

i have work in the morning and i really don't want to go. it's kind of making me super bitter. sigh.

but assassin's creed brotherhood makes me feel a lot better.


"You don't like pizza? You'll eat squid out of a tub, but you don't like pizza?"

Monday, January 3, 2011

the other day i was cleaning up my laptop and deleting things i didn't need anymore, when i found a bunch of junk i drew maybe three or four years ago. i thought they were kind of neat, so up here they go!

the best part is, i drew all of these at work when i was super bored years ago.

and not much has changed since then - well, 'cept that i've gotten better.


"Love is when you wake up and don't question why."